November 26th, 2018

PAX Unplugged Show Entrances & Security

PAX Unplugged has grown significantly in 2018. That means new content expanding into new areas of the Philadelphia Convention Center, and multiple entrances into PAX. No matter which part of PAX is your first morning stop, there’s a door that will get you right there. This message will guide you to the right entrance and let you know what security to expect when you get there.

1.)  Grand Hall Entrance: Entrance on Market Street – Between 11th and 12th Streets. If you’re looking for any of the content on Levels 2 and 3, including PAX’s Expo Hall, Tabletop Freeplay, or Mothman and Main Theatres, enter on Market Street between 11th and 12th, and head straight up the escalators to the Philadelphia Convention Center’s Grand Hall. You’ll pass through a set of metal detectors, and have access to all areas of PAX, including immediate access to queues for Level 2 and 3 content, as well as PAX’s Registration/Will Call areas and Merch Booth. 

2.)  11th Street and Arch Street Entrance - Tabletop Tournaments and Miniatures gaming are downstairs this year, and the fastest way to get to them is through doors at the corner of 11th St and Arch St. We’ll be queuing folks up along Arch Street, starting at the corner of 11th Street and stretching towards 12th. Once inside, you’ll pass through a set of metal detectors and have access to all areas of PAX. Please note that you will be asked to line up on the outside sidewalk, so please dress appropriately. 

3.)  13th Street and Arch Street Entrance - PAX’s RPG areas, The Workshop, and Leviathan and Crab God theatres lay on the ground floor near the 13th St and Arch St corner doors. For those hoping to make a beeline for these areas, we will be queuing on Arch Street, starting at the corner of 13th Street and stretching towards 12th st. – to enter the building at the corner of 13th Street. Once inside, you’ll pass through a set of metal detectors and have access to all areas of PAX. Please note that you will be asked to line up on the outside sidewalk, so please dress appropriately. 

Now with these entrances defined, here are a few FAQs:

Question: What time will these entrances open?
Answer: All three Entrances are set to open at 8:00 AM, although if the weather is particularly frosty, we may let you storm the castle a bit early. Follow @Official_PAX and @PAX_Lines on Twitter for the latest status.

Question: What is the difference between the entrance?
Answer: Each entrance allows you access to the entirety of PAX Unplugged, but some are closer to certain PAX content areas than others. All of the entrances are described above, so choose the one that is closest to your first morning stop.

Question: What happens at PAX between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM?
Answer: PAX does not officially open until 10:00 AM, but many attendees do show up early to purchase or pick up tickets from Registration, shop at the Merch Booth, register for the day’s events, or queue up early to get the best seat in a theater or first access to the Expo Hall. PAX’s RPG and Tourney areas, as well as The Workshop, will form registration queues starting at 8AM, and begin processing event registrations by 9AM. Once you’ve completed your badge pickup, shopping, and/or registrations, you’ll be directed to join the queue nearest to your first planned morning stop. For most folks, this is the main Queue Room in the Grand Hall on Level 2. For PAX attendees arriving closer to 10:30 AM, you can head right in and go wherever you’d like, as all pre-show queues will have cleared.

Question: What time do these entrances close?
Answer: All three Entrances, Grand Hall Entrance, 11th Street and Arch Street, and 13th Street and Arch Street, will close at 12:00 am. We do reserve the right to close this earlier if needed.

Question: Are the entrances to the facility open at 12th Avenue – across the street from the Market?
Answer: These doorways will be EXIT only doors – the only entrances to get into the facility on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are Grand Hall Entrance, 11th Street and Arch Street, and 13th Street and Arch Street, that open at 8:00 am and close at 12:00 am.

Question: Can I leave PAX and return?
Answer: Yes. Once you exit, you can always re-enter through any of the three entrances. Go see Philly! Eat its wonderful food! But come back soon. There are more games to play.

May 17th, 2018

PAX Unplugged 2018 is on sale!

Cherished Friends, Honored Enemies, Acquaintances As-Yet-Unaligned: PAX Unplugged 2018 passes have officially been made available for purchase, make sure to head to this link and check them out:

Novel and Perfect though this concept might be, there are still some who know not of what precisely an “Unplugged” PAX entails.

If you’ve ever sat around a table laden with meeples, minis or just a bunch of notepads and thought, “What if this…was on the grandest scale?” this is the PAX for you. If you’ve never once played a non-videoed-game and have wondered what it would be like if you, yes, you, were to immerse yourself completely in the landscape of these games whose action takes place not on some rendered landscape but that infinite and awesome space within your very mind, this is the PAX for you.

Go, and be enlightened.

May 10th, 2018

PAX UNPLUGGED 2018!!!!1!11

After Unplugged last year, we had gotten a lot of questions asking if it was a one-off, and it always caught us off guard. We always kind of wanted to say “Weren’t you there? It was AWESOME! Of course we’re doing it again!”. We couldn’t SAY that, of course, that’s kind of a self-serving answer….wait, did we just say that? Oh. Oops.

Hey, look, I know we’re biased, but we really did have a blast at Unplugged last year and we’re really excited to come back. Not just come back, but we’re growing the scope of the show considerably. Don’t worry, it’ll still be focused on Tabletop gaming, but parts of the building will be opening up to us this year and we should have a bit more room to stretch our legs and smooth out some of the wrinkles.

Anyway. Badges will be available on Thursday, May 17th and we really hope you’ll sit down with us in Philly to play some games!