May 10th, 2018

PAX UNPLUGGED 2018!!!!1!11

After Unplugged last year, we had gotten a lot of questions asking if it was a one-off, and it always caught us off guard. We always kind of wanted to say “Weren’t you there? It was AWESOME! Of course we’re doing it again!”. We couldn’t SAY that, of course, that’s kind of a self-serving answer….wait, did we just say that? Oh. Oops.

Hey, look, I know we’re biased, but we really did have a blast at Unplugged last year and we’re really excited to come back. Not just come back, but we’re growing the scope of the show considerably. Don’t worry, it’ll still be focused on Tabletop gaming, but parts of the building will be opening up to us this year and we should have a bit more room to stretch our legs and smooth out some of the wrinkles.

Anyway. Badges will be available on Thursday, May 17th and we really hope you’ll sit down with us in Philly to play some games!