August 11th, 2017

PAX Unplugged Exhibitors

We are so incredibly excited to start getting PAX Unplugged underway! This is shaping up to be an amazing first year show as evident by the cavalcade of fantastic exhibitors that are lining up to be at the show.

9th Level Games
Academy Games
Albino Dragon
Alderac Entertainment Group
Almost a Game
Anvil Eight Games
APE Games
Arcane Wonders
Ares Games
Asmodee North America
Atlas Games
B&B Games Studio
Baba Geek Games
Bezier Games
Black Oak
Blind Ferret Entertainment
Blue Heron Entertainment
Braine Games
Breaking Games
Brotherwise Games
Button Shy Games
Calliope Games
Campaign Coins
Capstone Games
Carolina Game Tables
Catalyst Games Labs
Catan Studios
Copper Frog Games
Crafty Games
Crimson Night: Studios
Cubicle 7 Entertainment
Cyanide & Happiness
Daily Magic Games
Devious Devices
Devir Americas, LLC
Die Hard Dice
Dized / Playmore Games Inc.
Doctor Finn’s Games
Dog Might Games
Dux Nova
Dwarven Forge LLC
Eagle-Gryphon Games
Elderwood Academy
Emergence Team
End Transmission Games LLC
Escape Velocity Games
Everything Epic Games LLC
Fate of the Norns
Fireside Games LLC
Flying NightBear Games
Foam Brain Games
Forged By Geeks LLC
Fowers Games
FoxMind Games
Fun to 11
Gale Force Nine LLC
Game Trade (Magazine/Media)
Gamewright Games
Gate Keeper Games & Dice
Geeknson LTD
God Hates Charades
Golden Bell Studios
Goodman Games
GPI (Grand Prix International)
Grand Gamers Guild
Greater Than Games LLC
Green Ronin Publishing
Grey Fox Games
Handelabra Games Inc.
Hero Forge, LLC
IDW Games
Iello USA
Indie Boards and Cards
Indie Game Developer Network
InIt Gear (Gamefolio System)
Ironmark Games
Jason Anarchy Games
John Wick Presents
Kazoodoo Games
Lay Waste Games
Leder Games
Level 99 Games, LLC
Level Up Dice
Liveware Lab
Lone Shark Games
Lone Wolf Development
LongPack Games Manufacturing
Looney Labs
Lost Cog
Magpie Games
Mantic Games
Mayday Games
Mayfair Games Inc
Metallic Dice Games
Mind Bottling Games
Modern Myths, Inc
Monocle Society
MonteCook Games
Nailed It
Nauvoo Games
New Experience Workshop
Ninja Division Publishing
North Star Games
ODAM Publishing
Onyx Path Publishing
Orange Machine Games
Osprey Games
Paizo Inc.
Pandemonium Books & Games
Passport Game Studios
Petersen Games
Philadelphia Game Makers Guild
Portal Dragon LLC
Portal Games Company
Privateer Press
PulsArt Studio
Queen Games
Quick And Dirty Games
Quick Simple Fun Games
Rather Dashing Games
Rattrap Productions
Reaper Miniatures
Red Republic Games
Reliquary Game Studios
Renegade Games
Res Nova Games
Restoration Games, LLC
Rob and Dave Games LLC
Royal N. Games
Seventh Sphere
Shoot Again Games
Skybound Games
SlugFest Games
Smirk & Dagger Games
Steamforged Games
Steve Jackson Games
Strange Machine Games
Stronghold Games
Studio 2 Publishing
Studio Woe
Studio Wumpus
Table Titans
Tabletop Co-op
Tasty Minstrel Games
Th3rd World Studios
The Broken Token
The Burning Wheel
The Compleat Strategist Inc
The Creativity Hub
The Fifth World
The Indie Bazaar
Thompson Productions LLC.
ThunderGryph Games
Tiki Tiki Board Games
Twogether Studios
Underbite Games LLC
Vu Designs, LLC
White Wizard Games
White Wolf Entertainment
Wild East Game Co.
Wizards of the Coast
Wolff Design Sia
Wyrd Games
Wyrmwood, Inc.
Yanaguana Games
Zafty Games
And moreā€¦

Wow, that’s a long list to scroll through. And what’s crazy is that it’s still growing! If you want to attend and be a part of the fun, badges are still on sale right here: and if you are board game developer or publisher who wants to be on this list just shoot an email to with your information.

Thank you to everyone who’s signed up as an attendee, exhibitor, or as an enforcer. We can’t wait to show you more cool stuff we have planned in the coming weeks.