Building and Maintaining a Playtesting Community

One of the most difficult parts about making board games is that you need other people to test your game repeatedly while it’s in development. For that, you need a community.

Join organizers and regulars from the Philadelphia chapter of the Game Maker’s Guild to hear how they have built and currently maintain a thriving, active community of designers and players. We’ll tell you how we got started, how you can build awareness, and how to make sure everyone gets the playtesting time they need to make great games.


Nicole Kline [Co-Owner, Designer, Cardboard Fortress], Anthony Amato [Co-Owner, Designer, Cardboard Fortress], Chris O'Neill [Designer, Publisher, 9th Level Games], Heather O'Neill [Designer, Publisher, 9th Level Games], Tom Panico [Owner, Silverclutch Games], Jacob Vander Ende [Owner, Spriteborne]

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