CEO Panel Discusses Publishing, Trends, & Avoiding Mistakes

In this panel, top indie game company CEOs discuss publishing, industry trends, and things they wish they would have known before they published their first hit game.

The distinguished panelists are Scott Gaeta of Renegade Games (Clank!, Power Rangers), Patrick Leder of Leder Games (Root, Vast), and Tim Fowers of Fowers Games (Burgle Bros., Fugitive). The discussion will be moderated by games lawyer Stephen McArthur, founder of The McArthur Law Firm.


Stephen McArthur [Game Lawyer, The McArthur Law Firm], Tim Fowers [CEO / Owner, Fowers Games, Inc], Patrick Leder [Owner, Creative Director, Leder Games, Inc.], Scott Gaeta [President and Publisher, Renegade Game Studios]