Pre-Reg Required

D&D Adventurers League - "Sub Rosa" [Tier 3]

6 tables of the Tier 3 module "Sub Rosa" [CCC-TRI-23] "When one of the Lords of Waterdeep asks you to root out a threat to the city, you respond to the call. Prepare for a foray into Undermountain. Part One of the Vampire Hunt trilogy."

Online pre-registration will be available via the PAX Unplugged app starting November 9th at 1PM Eastern. Pre-registered players should proceed to the D&D Pre-reg Queue outside Room 113C 30 minutes prior to this event, where players will be placed into groups of six and assigned a table.

All players must have a D&D AL character of appropriate level (11-16) to participate. Pre-generated characters are not permitted and will not be provided. Characters must achieve current level through play in prior Adventurers League sessions, either at PAX or any other prior D&D AL sessions.

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