D&D Adventurer's League - The Black Road (T1)

Caravans are having a difficult time getting through to Parnast via the Black Road.  Organized attacks by orcs and other monstrous humanoids working in concert with one another have folks baffled. Little do they know that an unusually intelligent hill giant, going by the name of Bad Fruul is to blame.  SEER has sent her emissary Hsing, to task your group to accompany a caravan with a very special cargo destined for the Shrine of Axes in Parnast, and to figure out who is responsible.  D&D AL Module DDAL05-02. A Tier 1 event (levels 1-4). 2 hour adventure. Multiple sessions available. Registration opens at 10AM on Saturday, Nov 18th, at PAX RPG HQ.

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