Designing and Illustrating a Game Live in One Hour!

Join this interactive experience where a team of board game designers and artists work with the audience to design and illustrate a game from scratch in less than 1 hour!

We will aim to have 2-4 completely finished handmade games that will be auctioned off for charity during the panel.

This exercise will showcase how rapid creative brainstorming can lead to great ideas, and a finished product, even with an extreme deadline. Tips in this session can be applied to many fields.


Jordan Draper [CEO, Jordan Draper Games], Anya Combs [Games Outreach Lead, Kickstarter], JR Honeycutt [Tinker-In-Chief, Waitress Games], Nick Nazzaro [Artist / Co-Founder, Lay Waste Games], Heather Vaughan [Illustrator / Art Director, Silverclutch Games]

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