Dice, Camera, Action! LIVE at PAX Unplugged

Dice, Camera, Action! with Chris Perkins is the longest running show on the D&D Twitch channel @ twitch.tv/dnd. This season the #WaffleCrew has been trundling through the jungles of Chult from the Tomb of Annihilation storyline and they are psyched to perform an episode live at the first PAX Unplugged in their costumes! The cast of Dice, Camera, Action is Chris Perkins [@ChrisPerkinsDnD] as the Dungeon Master, Holly Conrad [@HollyConrad]as Strix (Tiefling Warlock) , Anna Prosser Robinson [@AnnaProsser] as Evelyn (Human/Construct Paladin of Lathander), Jared Knaubenbaur [@ProJared] as Diath (Human Rogue) and Nathan Sharp [@natewantstobtl] as Paultin (Human Bard). Nathan/Paultin can’t make it to PAX Unplugged, but you never know who may appear as a guest on Dice, Camera, Action!

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