Doomtown Reloaded: Prelude to Twilight

Max 24 players. As we prepare for the Twilight Protocol Series events next year, this special Abomination Series event will not only allow players to vote on the terrors they want to see our characters face in the upcoming cards and fiction, but also participants will influence the tools used by the heroes and the Reckoners through this event. Each round, a table will be chosen that represents the conflict between good and evil; a player using a Servitor/Fearmongers v. a player not using a Servitor or using a Fearmonger outfit. The players will name a new card that will be representative of a Dude, Good, Deed, or Action that will help their chosen side in the upcoming conflict! Stop by the Pine Box Entertainment table at High Noon on Friday and Sunday for "Greenhorn" Casual/Learn to Play events and on Saturday night at 6pm for a Deadlands RPG session of "Twilight Protocol."

Registration at Pine Box Entertainment booth on the Expo Floor. Registered players should check in at the Tabletop Tourney HQ prior to event start time.

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