Executive Women in Tabletop

A diverse panel of six women (including Elaine Chase, VP Global Brand Strategy & Marketing for Magic: The Gathering) who are getting it done to make the tabletop industry a better place. Working for companies of all sizes, these women share similar struggles and hurdles in the tabletop industry. Are they able to influence what products make it to market? How do they feel working in a male-dominated industry? What are they doing to increase female representation?


Heather O'Neill [CEO, 9th Level Games], Elaine Chase [VP, Global Brand Strategy & Marketing, Wizards of the Coast], Cat Tobin [Managing Director and co-owner, Pelegrane Press], Julie Ahern [VP & COO, Greenbrier Games], Misha Bushyager [Co-founder and Marketing Director, New Agenda Publishing], Melissa Lewis-Gentry [Marketing & Sales Director]

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