Hand Her a Sword: Instilling Confidence in Girls with RPGs

RPGs, in particular D&D, can provide a uniquely empowering experience for girls. With benefits such as interpersonal skills practice and identity exploration, role playing games can contribute to the development of confidence, resilience, assertiveness, and voice in young women and girls. Panelists will talk about how to run successful girls D&D school clubs, classes, home games, and therapy groups with these goals in mind.


Ethan Schoonover [Tech Director / DM, Lake Washington Girls Middle School], Dr. Megan Connell [Co-founder of Geeks Like Us, Geeks Like Us], Kate Welch [Game Designer, Wizards of the Coast], Satine Phoenix [Community Manager, Wizards of the Coast], BJ Hensley [Founder, Head of Imagineering, Playground Adventures]

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