HeroClix Golden Age: Lil' Clix ($)

Multiple Swiss Rounds. Build 5 different 100-Point Golden Age teams, disallowing non-figure game elements other than standard objects and equipment objects that begin the game attached to a character. No team can share any of the same game elements. Players play as many individual games as they can against their opponent during each tournament round. Each game won is worth a single point, and points are not scored in other ways. Players get two actions in their action total for each game. During each tournament round, players may not play the same team again until they have played all their teams once.

Registration fee applies ($10). Registration opens at 9AM on Saturday, December 1st, at the WizKids area in Tabletop Tourney. Full Wizkids schedule available at: http://win.wizkids.com/wp/2018-wizkids-world-championship/

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