Latinx in Tabletop: Our Seat at the Table

The tabletop community is a hub of creativity and imagination, where anything is possible if your dice rolls are strong enough! Tabletop unites many different kinds of people who all share a love for collaborative storytelling and unique perspectives.

As Latinx, we can relate! Our culture is vibrant, colorful, and diverse. We want to share our stories, our struggles, and our triumphs with the entire tabletop community and Latinx allies to show you how our reality shapes our fantasy.


Jetset [Founder, Order of Gamemasters], @CGCFOX [Game Designer / Publicist, Level 99 Games], David Gonzalez [Engineer, Microsoft], Elwarius [Broadcaster, Twitch Mexico], Carlos Luna [DM / Streamer / Improviser, The Dungeon Rats], Surena Marie [Actor / Streamer, The Dungeon Rats]

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