Making Art for Tabletop Games

Come meet the artists behind some of your favorite games of the past few years!

Listen to their stories about breaking into the industry and gain valuable wisdom in the process. Discover some amazing behind the scene shenanigans of their past art gigs. Find out about new projects they’re working on and ask meaningful questions. All questions will be rewarded with +2 wisdom and +1 intelligence (plus some swag).


Nick Nazzaro [Co Founder / Lead Artist, Lay Waste Games (Dragoon)], Mackenzie Schubert [Co Founder / Illustrator, Goat, Wolf, and Cabbage (Secret Hitler)], Kyle Ferrin [Illustrator, Leder Games (Vast)], Heather Winter Vaughan [Illustrator, (Beneath Nexus, Kids on Bikes)], Brigette Indelicato [Artists and Graphic Designer, (The Plot Thickens, Dungeon Hustle)]

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