PAX Painting Competition: The Arcadian Brush (Entry Submission)

Entry submission kickoff for the inaugural PAX Unplugged miniatures painting competition. A representative from our judging panel will be available to answer any questions. Entries will be held at Miniatures HQ for display during PAX.

Categories include: Unit (Squad) 8"x4" footprint, Hero (single mini) max base dimension 60mm, Large Miniature (vehicle, warmachine, or any other large model) max footprint 6"x6", and Duel (small diorama) max footprint 6"x6". Maximum 10" height for all categories. Models may be painted either at or prior to PAX.

All skill levels welcome, with judging spanning three levels: Beginner (first-timer), Hobbyist (amateur), and Showpiece (experienced). Entries are limited to one per category. Entries may continue to be submitted until 10PM on Saturday.

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