Play Well With Others: Conflict Resolution at the Game Table

We have all seen them or had them at our table.  The player who goes against the grain, does not follow the house rules, or is just mean.  Time and time again you see the advice of “talk to them like an adult” but how?  Our panel of experienced Game Masters is here to help! We will talk about how to go about having difficult conversations with problematic players and how to set up your game to prevent problems from happening.


Megan Connell PsyD ABPP [Co-Founder / Host of Psychology at the Table, Geeks Like Us], Adam Davis MEd [Co-Executive Director, Game to Grow], Jack Berkenstock MHS [Executive Director, The Bodhana Group], Grant Ellis [Vice President of Operations/Producer at WebDM Show, RVH Solutions Industry], Satine Phoenix [Co-Creator / Community Manager, Maze Arcana/Wizards of the Coast], Raffael Boccamazzo PhD [Clinical Director, Take This]

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