Ages 13+

Playing to Lose: Unwinnable Games

Most people play roleplaying games to win. After all, nothing is more fun than improving your characters, leveling up, gaining powers, finding treasure, and of course slaying the dragon at the end. So, what happens when you sit down to play a game that you can’t win? What if winning is impossible? Robert Bohl (Misspent Youth), Stephen Dewey (Ten Candles), Evan Rowland (Noirlandia), and Hannah Shaffer (Questlandia) discuss the virtues and pleasures of being a loser.


Robert Bohl [Designer/publisher/writer, Robert Bohl Games], Stephen Dewey [Designer/publisher, Cavalry Games], Hannah Shaffer [Publisher, Make Big Things], Evan Rowland [Publisher, Make Big Things], Joshua AC Newman [Publisher, The Glyphpress]

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