Pulp Cthulhu: Midnight Masquerade

The Bureau of Investigation has a crack team of agents making up the cult-busting Department 29. Helping with a prohibition bust, the agents find clues that the funds are propping up a cult leader, the Red Viper. Following a lead, they end up at a booze-soaked charity masquerade where all is not what it seems. Can the investigators avoid the diabolical traps the Red Viper has set for them, unmasking him for the final arrest? Set in 1932 Pulp Cthulhu, pre gens provided. Only Call of Cthulhu 7th edition rule knowledge is needed. The rules for Pulp Cthulhu will be taught at the table.

Registration opens at 10AM on Friday, November 17th, at PAX RPG HQ. (Pulp Cthulhu. 3-6 Players. Pre-gens provided. 4 hr duration.)

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