Ages 13+

RollPlay: Meet the Cast

For the last five years, RollPlay has been creating some of the hottest live RPG shows on Twitch: Solum, Swan Song, Mirrorshades, the West Marches, Balance of Power, Court of Swords and many many more. Over the years, we’ve accumulated a cast of favourites from YouTube, Twitch and the RPG world and made them do silly voices and roll imaginary dice. Now we’re bringing them to you! Come hear tales of RollPlay campaigns past and meet the cast of some of your favorite RollPlay shows.


Adam Koebel [Head Gamemaster, RollPlay], JP McDaniel [Founder, RollPlay], Ezekiel III [Cast, Court of Swords], gassymexican [Cast, Court of Swords], Aureylian [Cast, Court of Swords]

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