Table for Two: Intro to Two-Player Tabletop RPGs

Maybe your gaming group fell through at the last second. Maybe you’re looking for a way to dip your toe into the world of RPGs before joining a larger group. Maybe you want to explore a genre or style of storytelling that doesn’t fit with a larger group. No matter what brings you to the table, there are a world of RPGs built for just two people. Join our panel of two-player RPG experts for a fun, informative look at GM-less games, 1-on-1 play, and hacking games like D&D to work with just one PC.


Jeff Stormer [Podcaster, Party of One], Russell Collins [Game Designer, Robot Claw Game Design], Zack Woodard [Podcaster, Heart Points], Diana Woodard [Podcaster, Heart Points], Ben Wallis [Podcaster, Pod Of Love], Mel Wallis [Podcaster, Pod Of Love]

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