Ages 13+

The Glass Cannon Podcast Live!

As the first official Pathfinder Actual-Play podcast, The Glass Cannon has brought together a global community of GMs and players that strive to play RPGs better and make lifelong friends while doing it. After selling out their live show in New York and at Gen Con 50, the next stop on the tour is Philly! Join the GCP crew and special guest player Erik Mona (Paizo) as they dodge cheesesteak traps, reveal Philip K. Dick facts, and sing all the GCP hits. It is time for Nerdage!


Troy Lavallee [Creator, Producer, GM, The Glass Cannon Podcast], Erik Mona [Publisher, Paizo, Inc.], Joe O'Brien [Creator, Producer, Player, The Glass Cannon Podcast], Skid Maher [Creator, Player, The Glass Cannon Podcast], Grant Berger [Creator, Player, The Glass Cannon Podcast], Matthew Capodicasa [Creator, Player, The Glass Cannon Podcast]