The GM Improv Showdown: Unplugged

The GM Improv Showdown brings leading voices in the tabletop RPG community together to forget all their plans, machinations, and schemes for an event where no one knows what’ll happen. Each panelist takes a turn leading a scenario while time ticks down. The GM for the round will attempt to complete a secret objective while the rest of the panelists play characters with their own quirks and agendas. Together this group will put their chops to the test as the madness unfolds.


Zac Eubank [Founder, GM, Hyper RPG], Brian Feister [Founder, GM, Seventh Sphere], Satine Phoenix [Founder, GM, Maze Arcana], Adam Koebal [GM, Game Designer,, Dungeon World], John Wick [Game Designer, Writer, Seventh Sea], Anna Prosser Robinson [Producer, Co-founder, Performing Artist, Twitch, Misscliks]

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