Ages 13+

The Tale of the Years: The Evolution of Lore in D&D

Join Kikka and Company as they discuss the evolution of lore in the world’s most popular roleplaying game and how it impacts play both online and in-person.

Lore in the various worlds of Dungeons & Dragons has been being built for over 40 years, and there is a vast well of events to draw inspiration from! This panel features prominent lore buffs who have been following the ins and outs of the goings on in the realms of Dungeons & Dragons for decades.


Kikka Delarose [Voice Actor / Streamer, Independent], Grant Ellis [Designer, 2c Gaming], Jim Davis [Host, WebDM], Mytia Zimmer [Personality, Twitch Partner, Nexus Spiders, Greyhawk Channel], Jonathan Pruitt [Host, WebDM]

40 Overlapping Events