Unconventional Tabletop Games

Tabletop games can be much more than paper and dice: games made of food you have to eat to play; strategy games using electricity conducting quilts or embroidery machines; boards made of patterns of light & shadow cast by a lantern; massive live action strategy games; and voice-connected games using Alexa. Join us to learn more about these unconventional projects, their expert creators, how they come up with ideas, the unique challenges they’ve encountered, and the possible future of tabletop.


Jenn Sandercock [Game Designer, Inquisiment], Matt Hendricks [Founder, Thirsty Dice], Anne Sullivan [Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech], P.D. Warne [Proprietor, Lumo Amuzo Gameworks], Anastasia Dukakis [Content Producer, Sensible Object], Scott Silsbe [Founder & Chief Gaming Officer, Liveware Lab]

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