VS. 2PCG Championship ($)

Bring your own VS deck and compete for part of the $2500 Prize Pool. Total rounds based on number of players. A minimum of 36 players is required to run this event. Featured Format: Big Apple Battle It’s time for street-level heroes to take center stage in a battle for New York City. Rules: Your main character and each card in your deck (and out-of-game piles) that has a team affiliation must have one of the following affiliations: • Spider-Friends • Sinister Syndicate • Defenders • Underworld • Champions • Inhumans Your deck can include cards from more than one of the above teams. You can have any number of neutral (no affiliation) cards in your deck. The expansions that include the above teams are: • The Defenders (Defenders and Underworld) • Legacy (Defenders and Underworld) • Monsters Unleashed (Champions and Inhumans) • Deadpool and Friends (Underworld) • Spider-Friends (Spider-Friends) • Sinister Syndicate (Sinister Syndicate) • New Defenders (Defenders) There are neutral cards available in other expansions. These are legal for this Format.

Registration fee required ($10). Registration avaialble starting at 9AM on Sunday, December 2nd, at the Cascade Games booth in Tabletop Tourney. Full Cascade Games schedule available online at https://cascadegames.com/#show/paxup18

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