Warhammer 40K Scenario Play

2-4 players, 3 hours per session. Multiple sessions: 11AM, 2:30PM, 6PM, and 9:30PM. Come enjoy the two-part scenario "Welcome to Raven Sector, San Lorenzo." Many Battles have been fought over Raven Sector and much blood has been spilt. Now the only remaining way for the fighting to end, is Victory, nothing else matters. This may be run as a moderated event or standalone scenario mission. Registration opens at 10AM on Saturday, Nov 18th, at PAX Minis HQ.

Participants will need a 40k 8th edition army of at least 1500 points to take part in this scenario. Participants should have Measuring devices, dice and any relevant army rules available. Participants may review packets for Scenario 1 and Scenario 2.

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