While PAX Unplugged will enforce Health & Safety requirements including vaccine verification and proper mask usage, our policies can only extend as far as our private event space. To help protect yourself and everyone attending the show or not, we recommend following the following practices when not at PAX or in the PCC.

  • Test for COVID-19 daily and have everyone you are sharing a hotel room, AirBNB, or similar lodging with to do the same.

  • Take the same level of precautions outside the show as you do at the show - mask up in all indoor settings and on planes/trains/buses to and from the show.

  • Whenever possible, enjoy the outdoors - eating and drinking in outdoor settings and practicing social distancing when dining indoors. 

  • Wear a higher quality mask like N95 or KN95. 

  • Greet others with elbow bumps or a wave, refraining from handshakes or hugs.

  • Speak with your doctor about any extra precautions you should take based on your personal health.

Thanks for helping keep each other healthy.