Nov 19, 2021

Some events at PAX Unplugged require a bit of advance preparation. Building a player character for an RPG, bringing your miniatures squad, or just practicing for a tournament for example! In these situations, PAX offers the ability for players to pre-register. 

Pre-Registration opens November 22 at 1:00 PM ET!

Pre-Reg events can be found in the following categories:

  • RPG

  • Tabletop Tourney

  • Miniatures

Browse the “Pre-Reg” category in the Official PAX Mobile App to see all such events across all categories

How To Register:

  • You can register for these events from the Official PAX Mobile App. Instructions on how to pre-register or what prerequisites you need will be detailed in the description of the particular event.

  • For RPG pre-reg, all players must individually register. Players will be assigned tables during event check-in, with every effort made to keep groups together.

  • Exhibitor-run events (example: Magic the Gathering) may use their own registration systems. This info, and links to these exhibitor websites will always be found in the event description.

Can I still play if I don’t Pre-Register?

  • PAX App pre-registration includes a waitlist. This will automatically slot players in as space becomes available between now and PAX.

  • Standby seating is available for all events, at event start time. Event organizers will fill open seats to players first-come, first-served basis. If you really want to participate in an event, just show up! Events usually have a few open standby seats.

What about other events without Pre-Registration?

  • Always read the full description for every event. All events can be added to your PAX App schedule, but only those with pre-registration enabled will guarantee you a seat. For all other events, players can register in-person at 9AM on the day of the event, at the event’s location.