Dec 22, 2021

After taking a year off, PAX Unplugged has come and gone, and it felt incredibly refreshing to reunite with the tabletop gaming community once again.  If you weren't able to make it, you can still get a taste of what you missed on our Twitch page.  You may even want to take a look if you DID join us, since (like any PAX), there's way, way, way too much content for anyone to fully absorb in one weekend!

We should probably also mention that, whether you joined us at Unplugged or not, badges for PAX East have gone live and can be purchased from our reg page right here.  We're working on some pretty cool stuff for that show, and we can't wait to bring the greater PAX community together in Boston once again!

As always, though, big thanks to our PAX Unplugged exhibitors, tournament managers, game facilitators, panelists, Enforcers, and of course attendees.  We'll see you in 2022!