• Exhibit Hall

    This hall is packed with exhibitors ranging from AAA publishers and developers behind the latest blockbuster games, to the innovative indie teams disrupting the industry.

  • Panels

    The best way to learn about the panels is to check out our schedule page, typically opened about a month before showtime. We strive to see all aspects of culture and the gaming community represented in our theatres.

  • Omegathon

    A mega-tournament spanning the entire length of PAX, this event features games of all platforms and genres. We start with 20 Omeganauts and eliminate players each round until the last 2 compete in the Final Round.

  • Performances

    If you ever need to take a break from gaming, be sure to check out our assortment of performances, featuring the likes of Acquisitions Incorporated and other leading actual-play RPG groups.

    Meet the Performers
  • Tournaments

    PAX features a full schedule of tournaments highlighting games from all genres and platforms. Expect the full schedule about a month before each event.

  • RPGs

    Continue epic campaigns or embark on a new one in this quieter area dedicated to RPG play. All players welcome, from beginner to expert. Games range from on-demand indie RPGs to organized play sessions for the most popular RPG systems. PAX’s RPG areas also feature loads of freeplay space for pick-up games, organized LARPs, and even a classic RPG library!

  • Tabletop Freeplay

    Open seating across hundreds of tables, and a lending library stocked with thousands of games. Need more players? Stop by the LFG (Looking for Group) Zone or check out the Social Game Zone. Want to try something unique? The Giant Game Zone has got you covered.

  • Miniatures Area

    There’s nothing diminutive about the Miniatures Area, where our terrain tables are ready to host your army for pick-up matches and tournaments for most popular games. Let your artistic side shine in our free Paint & Take Zone, or try your hand at a painting contest.

  • Pin Trading

    Pinny Arcade is an ecosystem of pins you can collect or trade with attendees, Enforcers, and staff members throughout PAX. Get started with your collection a variety of ways, including at the Official PAX Merch Booth.

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  • AFK Room

    The AFK Room is a place to regain your calm and take a break from the hustle of the show. Brought to you by our friends at TakeThis.org.

    Visit Take This
  • Diversity Lounge

    The gaming community is a wonderfully diverse place and the Diversity Lounge is meant as a celebration of that. Whether you count yourself among the under-represented, or just want to learn a little more about your friends, the Diversity Lounge is well worth a visit.

  • Learn & Play

    Get your primer on modern board gaming as the hobby’s leading YouTube and podcast personalities teach you their favorite games. Learn how to play, and then enjoy a full session of each game.

  • Kids Day

    On Sunday PAX Unplugged shifts gears to highlight content across the show for families and kids, as well as offering discounted badges for ages 6-12.

    Kids Day Details
  • Classic Cardboard

    A whirlwind of tabletop gaming from the ‘90s on back. Classic Cardboard covers everything from family game night nostalgia to that one old CCG you barely remember.

  • The Workshop

    Go hands-on to learn all manner of crafting techniques and level up your skills in the miniatures gaming hobby.

  • First Look

    Learn, play, and shop for the buzziest games from around the world. Most games in First Look have yet to be released in North America, but are imported fresh for PAX.

  • Playtesting

    Learn, play, critique, and support upcoming, self-published, and crowdfunded titles, brought to you by the fine folks at UnPub.

  • LFG Zone

    Tackling Unplugged alone or with a small group? Meet up in the LFG Area and meet new friends who want to play similar games from our extensive lending library.