Accessibility in Gaming: Challenges, Obstacles & Solutions

Gamers with disabilities often face barriers when trying to join the table, in person or online. DOTS RPG Project is joined by community members and industry professionals to discuss accessibility needs in game play and development. Learn what challenges disabled gamers may face, what tools and techniques they use and suggest to bridge gaps, and easy ways anyone can make accessible space for the 26% of adults who have visible or invisible disabilities. Audience members are welcome and encouraged to share their experiences as well. Working together we can educate fellow gamers and creators on important needs and help improve accessibility in gaming for everyone!


Jess Dempsey [President/Director, DOTS RPG Project], Tyler Palermo [Operations, DOTS RPG Project], Adam Davis [Executive Director, Game to Grow], Shawna Spain [Tech Company Accessibility Advocate], Samwise Gamegee [Co-Producer, Heroes Without Limits], Nathaniel Kreiman [Producer, RPGKitchen]