AEG Big Game Night ($)

Join us for The Third Annual AEG PAX Unplugged Big Game Night for four continuous hours of FUN!  Featuring a huge all-player game of Tiny Towns the first hour, followed by three hot releases in the order of your choice, while seats are available. Choose your order between Curios, Atelier, and Walking in Burano.  You will love all three games! So much, in fact you will say. "I’ve got to have a copy!"  So guess what? We are giving them to you! Yes, that’s correct. You will receive a copy of these three hot releases, just for playing with AEG!

Event tickets are on sale at AEG’s Expo Hall booth #2813. Just $32.00 will get you an All Access AEG Big Game Night Ticket. Limited to 152 players. This is one event you don’t want to miss!