Arcadia Quest: Riders Tournament

The fields and plains around the city of Arcadia were once the home of huge, majestic beasts. But as the land has become more arid, the beasts have been on the move… right to the center of town! However, they haven’t come alone. Malkhor, a hunter of legend, is tracking them, looking to add some new trophies to his wall. How will the Guilds in the city manage this new problem?

Compete against the other guilds to control these powerful mounts in exciting new scenarios. Players will receive unique promos and upgrades to their Arcadia quest collection. Victors will receive a copy of the expansion and other exclusive items.

Registration for this event will open at 9AM on Friday, December 6th, at Tabletop Tourney HQ Registration Desk (Hall E). As this event requires in-person registration, adding this event to your PAX App schedule is for planning purposes only and does not constitute registration