Art For Games: Navigating the Industry as an Illustrator

Calling all artists and illustrators! Join us for a panel about breaking into the board game industry as an artist, working with tabletop weirds, and other common pitfalls of arting. We’ll share and compare our experiences working for ourselves and collaborating with designers - when should I ask for more money? Am I charging enough to begin with? How do I send an invoice? Is this client over-asking? With any luck, you won’t make any of the same mistakes we made.


Anya Combs [Games Director, Kickstarter], Nick Nazzaro [Illustrator, Lay Waste Games], Heather Vaughan [Illustratior, Heather Vaughan Illustration], Alisha Wilkerson [Illustrator, Alisha Wilkerson Illustration], Kyle Ferrin [Illustrator, Leder Games]