Beyond the Gray: Adding Color to Your Terrain

In this workshop, Vee the Crafting Muse will guide you through the creation of double sided dungeon tiles. On one side, learn how to create a classic marble checkerboard layout, and on the other, a rainbow sandstone approach both in texture and in color. Wow your table with terrain that goes beyond the usual gray stone approach often used and heighten the appearance of your tiles. This workshop is open to all levels of craft experience.

This workshop is sponsored by Plaid. Participants will be using paints from the Plaid line of products.

Registration for this event will open on Saturday, December 7th, 9:00 AM at The Workshop (Room 108B). All workshop tickets are limited to one per person per day. Wait-list and additional non-participant audience seating available on first-come first-served basis up to event start time.


Vee Mus'e [The Crafting Muse]