Beyond Tolkien: Queer & Non-Euro-centric Worldbuilding

For decades now, the science fiction and fantasy scenes have overwhelmingly been dominated by cishet white creators and their worlds built on European narratives and traditions. Yet there has always been plenty of queer and POC creators that have been building new, breathtaking worlds, & narratives with their own perspectives and messages. The aim of this panel is to help showcase current creators, the past creations and creators that inspired them, & to inspire new voices to make their own unique worlds!


Kikka Delarose [Diversity Consultant, Streaming Talent, Independent], Russ Wilde [Producer & GM, Prism Pals], Sharang Biswas [Award Winning Game Designer, Writer, and Artist., Independent], ElWarius [Streamer/GM, Twitch Mexico], Brandon Dixon [Creator and Writer, Swordsfall], Kienna Shaw [co-producer, Salty Sweet Games]