Bloodborne: The Card Game Tournament

In Bloodborne: The Card Game, Rival Hunters enter the Chalice Dungeon to face off against powerful monster, earning coveted Blood Echos and other Trophies as they dispatch their foes. Only through careful timing and cunning play will a single Hunter emerge form the dungeon and be declared the victor.

In this special tournament event, players will compete for custom game tokens, boss cards, and unique player mats to the winners. The Final champion will earn a copy of the game as well as the Hunter’s Nightmare expansion.

Participants can stick around for the 2nd Chance event for a shot at winning the Sawblade Hunter 1st player token.

Registration for this event will open at 9AM on Sunday, Dec 8th, at Tabletop Tourney HQ Registration Desk (Hall E). As this event requires in-person registration, adding this event to your PAX App schedule is for planning purposes only and does not constitute registration