Ages 13+

Call of Cthulhu - Blood Bacchanal on Vampire Island (Pulp)

Blood Bacchanal on Vampire Island - by James Thompson

While the investigators are enjoying a party cruise, one squall leads the yacht to a floundering fisherman’s boat and his statements of doom. Warned away from the "cursed" Wolfstone Island, the decadent host can’t resist heading to the shores and carrying on the party there. Pregenerated adventurers provided. (Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition - Pulp Cthulhu, 6 players per table, 4 hours long; beginners welcome!)

Registration opens at 9AM on Friday, Dec 6th, at RPG HQ (Room 119B). Players must be present to register. Games will be held in RPG Freeplay (Room 115C). Event run by Chaosium.