Crokinole Freeplay

Open play of one of the oldest and most respected dexterity games ever created! Crokinole is a 150-year old flicking game that describes as “shuffleboard in the round.” Players take turns flicking discs on a smooth wooden board, attempting to score points by landing as close as they can to the center while knocking off their opponents discs in the process. We will have boards set up for open play in both singles and doubles format. This event is for ages 8 and up for both beginners and advanced players.

No registration required. Crokinole tables will be reserved across from the LFG Zone in Tabletop Freeplay. Stop by to get in a game! There will also be a Crokinole tournament on Saturday starting at 2PM. You can stop by during this Freeplay session, or Friday’s Learn to Play, to pick up a tourney ticket from the Crokinole Team.