D&D 5E Team Deathmatch

Join us for fast, deadly PvP (Party vs. Party) Action for this 5th Edition Team Deathmatch! Create your party of four 3rd level characters then bring them to clash with other groups. Prizes for participating and the last team standing!!

Create using Point Buy Rules (27 Points) and add 1 extra starting Feat cause we love you that much. Characters may draw from any official published material (No 3rd party or UA content) then bring them to clash with other groups. In Each Round, 2 teams of 4 will go up against each other (16 Teams in Total). The winning 8 teams will then move onto quarterfinals on Saturday between 2pm - 6pm, and the winners of those rounds will move on to a semifinal and finals on Sunday between 11am-3pm. Winning teams will need to be present all 3 days of the con.

Registration opens at 9AM on Friday, Dec 6th, at the RPG Desk in the RPG Hall (Hall G) . Players must be present to register. Games will be held in the RPG Hall.