D&D Acq Inc: Orientation Week [Levels 1-2]

An internship at Acquisitions Incorporated is a great way to gain power, prestige and profit!  Many AI interns go on to amazing careers as leaders in the adventuring community, and could position you to lead your own franchise within the AI family!  But you’re not an intern yet!  Each prospective intern must first complete a week of orientation training to ensure that Acquisitions Incorporated is the right fit for you!

Bring your own character, or use available pre-gen characters. Character creation limitations available at http://theroleinitiative.org/acquistions-incorporated-character-generation/

No registration required. Interested players should head to the RPG Hall (Hall G) prior to event start time. Admission to event will be on first-come, first-served basis. While in pre-event queue, player groupings will be formed and assigned a table number.

Event run by The Role Initiative. Interested DMs can apply here