D&D Acq Inc: The Silver Star [Tier 1]

A member of the Silver Sliver has been appointed as interim sheriff of the small boomtown of Delver’s Run, and his openly anti-mercantile views are already making business difficult. The home office is concerned, and has informed its local branch that they have only one week to deal with the situation before the town council meets and makes the appointment permanent.

Bring your own character, or use available pre-gen characters. Character creation limitations available at http://theroleinitiative.org/acquistions-incorporated-character-generation/

No registration required. Interested players should head to the RPG Hall (Hall G) prior to event start time. Admission to event will be on first-come, first-served basis. While in pre-event queue, player groupings will be formed and assigned a table number.

Event run by The Role Initiative. Interested DMs can apply here