Pre-Reg Required

D&D Adventurers League Epic: Infernal Pursuits

"A horse race in Baldur’s Gate becomes a hellish battle on infernal war machines in Avernus when the characters get caught between an evil merchant and his warlord rival. Time to hang on for dear life!"

Max Energy Games present:

A 4-hour Inglorious Redemption Epic Adventure for level tier 1 and tier 2 characters, written by Will Doyle, James Introcaso, and Shawn Merwin.

Online pre-registration will be available via the PAX Unplugged app starting November 15th at 1PM Eastern. Pre-registered players should proceed to the pre-reg check-in queue in the RPG Hall (Hall G) at least 15 minutes prior to this event, where player groups will be formed and assigned a table number.

This adventure is part of an Organized Play campaign. Bring your own character, or demo D&D Beyond to create a customized character on site. Character creation limitations available at