Pre-Reg Required

D&D Adventurers League: Fences and Swords [Tier 2]

The Northern Moonsea region has recently been plagued by a mysterious pirate ship, which is seemingly able to appear without warning and then simply vanish. Instilling fear, and beginning to impact trade, those with vested interests in the area need this thorn removed from their sides. First, however, they must first discover where the mysterious ship calls home.

Players must bring an AL-legal Tier 2 character.

Online pre-registration will be available via the PAX Unplugged app starting November 15th at 1PM Eastern. Pre-registered players should proceed to the D&D Pre-reg Queue in the RPG Hall (Hall G) at least 15 minutes prior to this event, where players will be player groups will be formed and assigned a table number.

Event run by The Role Initiative. Interested DMs can apply here