D&D Presents: New Show!

Wizards of the Coast (maker of Dungeons & Dragons) is excited to announce the cast of their new live streamed role playing show: D&D Presents! Led by renowned Dungeon Master (and D&D Lead Story Designer) Chris Perkins, the weekly show will premiere in early 2020, but the cast is all here to give you a sneak peek at PAX Unplugged! Perkins and the whole crew are here to reveal their characters for the first time, and might even ask you for some advice about their builds! Join us for this exciting first look, and the chance to be a part of the story.


Anna Prosser [Co-Founder, Cantrip], NateWantsToBattle [Owner, Give Heart Records], ShadyPenguinn [Owner, ShadyPenguinn], Chris Perkins [Lead Story Designer, Dungeons & Dragons], Mica Burton [Actor, Cosplayer]