Ages 13+

Demystifying the role of Cultural Consultants

Thoughts around Cultural Appropriation versus Appreciation can often run very heated. The idea that you can’t do something simply because of how you look is instinctively upsetting no matter who you are, and the idea of hiring cultural consultants or sensitivity readers can seem ridiculous. However, it’s important to be respectful and authentic when creating and selling a game about a culture that isn’t your own; Cultural Consultants and Developers are here to help ensure you game succeeds in that front.

This panel aims to provide the insight needed for you to decide if a Cultural Consultant would befit your own projects by sharing real life examples from our experience working as Cultural Consultants and Developers.


MingYang Lu [Designer & Cultural Developer, BROTHER MING GAMES LLC], Raisha Pradhan [Games Developer, N/A], Mike Mihealsick [Owner, Coalition Games]