Emotional Blueprints in Games

Is your favorite game an emotional roller coaster with highs and lows, or a cold calculating puzzle beginning to end? Does tension build over time to a thrilling climax, or do things start high and resolve over time? We often talk about games in terms of mechanics or themes, but not as often about how they make you feel. Our panel of designers breaks down some of your favorite games and genres and takes a look at the emotional foundations behind them.


@cbstacker [Content Creator, The Cardboard Stacker], @emmalarkins [Game Designer & Streamer, Table Takes & Ludology Podcast], @BoldBebo [Reviewer, Photographer, and Author, Be Bold Games], @alexandreuboldi [Owner & Game Designer, Cat Quartet Games], @victoriacana [Producer & Game Developer, Wizards of the Coast & Cat Quartet Games], @ikantkoan [Founder, Game Designer, & Theater Artist, IKANTKOAN Games]