Ages 13+

Forgotten Core

It’s amazing to have access to all manner of supplemental materials, DMs Guild products, and the entire internet to help us create our D&D games. But when is the last time you read the core rulebooks? Did you know how much is hiding in there? We will present some of our favorite forgotten gems in the PHB, DMG and MM, and why knowing those basics can help us create better homebrew!


Tanya DePass [Director & Founder of I Need Diverse Games, I Need Diverse Games], Eugenio Vargas [Content Creator, The Last Refuge], Hannah Rose [D&D Writer/Editor, Independent, Company], Celeste Conowitch [Writer, Kobold Press], Lauren "OboeCrazy" Urban [Community Manager, D&D Beyond], Kikka Delarose [Kikka Delarose, Independent Content Creator & Diversity Consultant]