Ages 13+

Guiding Queer Narratives in TTRPGs

Are you ready to implement queer narratives into your tabletop roleplaying games? Join the cast and crew of Rise of the Demigods, an entirely LGBTQIA+ D&D podcast, as they discuss their experiences in creating and navigating queer stories at the table for themselves, each other, and the public. Discover the impactfulness of queer representation in gaming spaces and how you can foster LGBTQIA+ narratives in your games as a player and gamemaster. Come with questions and get ready to learn with us!


@gnomedic [Podcaster, Marketing Director, Rise of the Demigods, Kobold Press], @vartian [Creator, Writer, Editor, Dungeonmaster, Podcaster, Rise of the Demigods, Godsfall], @theescapistrpg [Podcaster, Public Relations Director, Rise of the Demigods], @mckenziewilkes [Podcaster, Art Director, Rise of the Demigods], @niky_c_ [Podcaster, Human Resources, Rise of the Demigods]